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About Us

What does this mean to us at Willowdale Botanicals? Rebirth and regeneration, starting from scratch to help undo the damage. To use the beautiful bounty of our farm to give your skin exactly what it needs to be glowing with health and vitality.

A New Day for Skincare
At Willowdale Botanicals, we focus on high quality ingredients because we formulate for results. Handcrafted from a lush synthesis of the whole plant and green-friendly actives, we create our ultra anti-aging skincare from ingredients proven to help renew the skin and regenerate the land. By mimicking the mechanisms plants use to combat oxidation, environmental stress, and inflammation, we’ve created a line that nurtures the six key functions of healthy, youthful skin: firmness, hydration, smoothness, reduced inflammation, radiance, and clarity.

An Ecosystem for Beauty
For our skin to be at its absolute best, we believe we must also sustain our planet. That is why every product we make starts in a lab on our regenerative farm in southwestern Ohio. Here, we have taken the time to restore land exhausted from decades of GMO crop rotation and depleted by pesticides and herbicides back to vital harmony. We have planted energizing grasses, trees, and shrubs. We have built habitats for beneficial insects and creatures necessary for a healthy ecosystem. And we have created a vibrant, living network among everything that calls our farm home—all to help us craft the most effective, potent, ethically-produced skincare possible.

A Formula for Results
Our entire line is made by our founder in small batches, right on our farm. We strive to source as many raw ingredients from our land as possible and freshly distill the herbs needed to create our hydrosols. And when we need botanicals we can’t grow, we only partner with like-minded suppliers committed to sustainable, eco-cert farming practices. Finally, to further enhance effectiveness, we supplement our intelligent plant matrix with proven skin-renewing actives, known for their safety and efficacy. With each application, Willowdale Botanicals helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and tighten, deeply nourish and hydrate, soothe inflammation, and revive your complexion’s natural vitality and glow.

What is regenerative farming?

Photo about our lush farm here at Willowdale Botanicals.
Our beautiful farm in Ohio.

Read more for the full-on nerd explanation of what we’re doing on Willowdale Regenerative Farm, in addition to making exceptionally effective skincare products.

Regenerative farming describes a way of farming that doesn’t just protect the land, but actively restores it to the ideal healthy conditions of a natural ecosystem. Conventional farming in much of the US essentially sterilizes the soil, stripping away over years the natural minerals and biomaterial and healthy microbes in the soil and replacing them with chemical fertilizers needed to grow a few varieties of plants, over and over for decades. Imagine you had no whole food to eat but a slurry of protein, carbohydrate and fat molecules. That’s conventional farming and a big reason why conventionally farmed plants don’t have the rich nutrients found in plants grown on healthy soils.

We practice regenerative farming to grow our herbs (lemon balm, chamomile, lavender and rosemary) and shrubs (sea We practice regenerative farming to grow our herbs (lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, and rosemary) and shrubs (sea buckthorn, elderberry, witch hazel, rosehips and more). Our nutrient-packed plant ingredients start with techniques that restore the rich life within the soil, adding organic matter and aeration to feed healthy fungi and bacteria that make more nutrients available for the roots, right from the start. After a few years of regenerative farming you see compacted, lifeless soils become fluffy and dark and rich, and you see the herbs we grow have a depth of scent and color that reflects the health of the soil that feeds and nurtures them. We use absolutely NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS on our land, not herbicides or insecticides or unnatural fertilizers.

Our project on Willowdale Regenerative Farm in Ohio began in 2016, and we don’t yet produce all the botanical ingredients needed for our products. What we don’t produce on-farm we purchase from farmers who share our philosophies and values. The precious oils we use only grown in warmer places than Ohio, so for those, we search out suppliers who are using sustainable and socially responsible methods that protect those vital tropical habitats.

You should buy and use Willowdale Botanicals beauty products because they’re great for your skin and help you look amazing. It’s a bonus that you can also feel great about supporting a healthier planet! And we hope you’ll also support local, sustainable farms in your community. Those local veggies not only provide fantastic nutrition for our bodies but also habitat and refuge for bees, beneficial insects and healthy, fluffy soil teeming with tiny life.

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