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Sustainability in Our Products and Processes

Our first commitment to you is to to make excellent quality, highly effective products that make a striking difference in the appearance of your skin, and that you take delight in using.  Our second commitment is to use the highest standards for ethical and sustainable ingredients and methods, and to fully disclose those choices so you can feel confident in every possible way that Willowdale Botanicals products are not only amazingly effective, but also great for the planet and the people living on it.

Ingredients We Produce On-Farm

Willowdale Regenerative Farm produces the hydrosols (plant waters) that we use in Willowdale Botanicals products, in a repurposed stainless steel whiskey still.  The farm grows USDA Certified Organic herbs including rosemary, lavender, melissa, helichrysum and chamomile, and distills USDA Certified Organic hydrosols from herbs we grow or buy from other Certified Organic growers.

Ingredients We Buy

For ingredients we purchase, we consider organic certification, but also other components of sustainability, bearing in mind that many small and local producers who adhere to regenerative farming practices aren’t able to obtain organic certification due to the expense or time needed to maintain records and complete ongoing paperwork.  We also purchase some sustainably wild crafted ingredients.


We use only Ecocert approved preservatives, additives and actives.  If you see a chemical name on one of our cartons, you can be confident it’s safe, effective, and approved for use in cosmetics by one of the most stringent natural skin care and cosmetics regulatory standards available.

*Exception in 2020: we are currently producing a 70% alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer for the duration of the current health crisis, and no Ecocert alternative gelling agent is available.

We firmly believe that farming isn’t “sustainable” if it doesn’t sustain the people who do it.  We offer flexible hours and paid time off.  We all value a wholesome and pleasant work environment – being able to exercise, smell the fresh herbs growing outside, snuggle the friendly sheep that keep the fields weeded. Being committed to each other as individuals with dignity, and extending that concern to all the people we do business with, is a vital component of our philosophy.


Most of our bottles and jars are Miron(tm) violet glass, which we choose because it provides the highest level of protection for the potency of the high quality botanical ingredients we use.  We recycle these jars and bottles, and encourage you to either reuse them yourself (use the jars to save seeds, use the bottles for lovely flower vases, etc) or to save up and return them to us — we’ll send you something nice in return.  When we use plastic bottles or metal bottles or tins, those are 100% recyclable.

Check out our YouTube channel where we dive into the ingredients.